I was watching a drama on S4C and heard someone say “s’neb mynd 'na” (no one goes there). I know about “sa’in hoffi coffi” etc but is just putting an s in front of certain words a pattern and are there any other examples apart from s’neb?

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S’neb is a shortened version of ‘does neb’ which is in turn a shortened version of ‘nid oes neb’.
S’tim ots, = does dim ots.
And there are probably other varieties of shortening phrases. But the S is short for, in the end, ‘nid oes’, ‘there is not’


What Margaret said. See also:

Sdim byd yna = Does dim byd yna = There’s nothing there
Sgen i ddim clem = Does gen i ddim clem = I haven’t got a clue

Probably others, but that’s all I can think of off top fy mhen.


What is the full version of the abbreviation “sa’in”?

As far as I heard, the expanded version (that no-one really uses) is Does neb ohona i’n, undergoing some heavy contractions and omissions.


The fullest version of “Sa i” is “Nid oes dim ohona i” (of which Hendrick’s answer is in itself a contraction). But no one would actually use the fuller forms in spoken Welsh.