Slowing it down

Does anyone know how I can slow down some of the sentences in the challenges. Some of them are so quick I can’t distinguish between wrth or oedd and quite a few other words. I thought if I could slow down the sentences I may be able to hear which is which.

Does anyone else have the same problem, and if so how did you overcome it?

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On the app (iPhone I use) you can slow down to half the speed and indeed increase to double the speed. How are you listening Rob?

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I listen on my laptop at home and on my mobile whilst out and about. My phone though is android.

On a computer/laptop, you can download the mp3 of the challenges and then play them with free media player called VLC.
You can download it here:

However when you change speed the voice always sounds a bit weird!

Clic yma/click this

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That’s very handy but it’s only in iOS app!

Ah that’s a shake, Diolch.

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Shame even

I’ve found a brilliant programme for slowing down the speech. It’s called ‘audacity’ and it’s free. When you get the programme most people will tell you to use the Change Speed, but that will mess things up, so use Change Tempo and you will have a perfect slow down of the dialogue.


Oh thanks!
I’ve used Audacity for digitizing cassettes and editing some clips and I had never realized it had this great feature for changing speed!

@neil-jones or a shave!

Hi Rob, I had that problem at first, and I’d download the mp3 of the lesson and run it through Audacity, a free app and program on pc that lets you slow things down. Cheers, Jan.

Hi Jan. Thanks.
If you look at my earlier entry I found that programme and left a link for others to see.
Kind regards,