Slight confusion over 'de' after 'disfruté'


Slightly picky bit of confusion over the use of ‘de’ after ‘disfruté’.

I’ve restarted Level 1 after a leave of absence, and I’m currently on 18. In previous lessons, we’ve been introduced to ‘disfrutar’. As far as I remember, when saying 'I enjoyed that film, the construction we’ve used is ‘Disfruté esa película’. But, in 18, a ‘de’ appears after ‘disfruté’, eg, ‘…disfruté de esa película’.

Is the use of ‘de’ optional or necessary in this instance?

In terms of communication, this sort of stuff is always absolutely optional (and usually more honoured in the breach than the observance…;-)) - in terms of formal grammars and notions of ‘correctness’ (which is very much not our key focus) I’ll pass you over to @gabycortinas (in the expectation that even in formal terms, it’ll be optional… :slight_smile: ).

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Cheers Aran, many thanks for clearing this up!

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

[But do bear in mind that I’m very firmly in the ‘oh, what the hell’ school of language learning…;-)]

Hi Incertus,

You got me thinking on that one…! Here is what I found:

disfrutar (de «dis-1» y «fruto»)
1 («con, en») intr. Sentir alegría o placer en cierto sitio o con cierta cosa: ‘Los niños disfrutan en la playa’. = *Gozar.
2 («de») tr. e intr. Tener cierta ÷cosa buena: ‘Disfruta [de] buena salud, el [o del] favor del jefe, [de] una posición envidiable’. = *Gozar, poseer.
3 tr. *Aprovecharse o *beneficiarse; percibir alguien las → rentas u obtener el provecho de cierta cosa aunque no sea propiedad suya: ‘Disfruta las rentas de una casa de su padre’.

1 (Con, en) To feel joy or pleasure in a certain place or with a certain thing: ‘The children enjoy the beach’. = * Enjoy.
2 (‘de’) To possess a certain good thing: ‘To enjoy / posses [good] health, the favor of the boss, an enviable position.’ = * Enjoy, possess.
3 To take advantage of , or benefit from; to perceive someone’s income or to obtain the benefit of a certain thing even if you are not its owner: ‘He enjoys the income from one of his father’s houses’.

That said, I say “Disfrute mis vacaciones” instead of “Disfrute de mis vacaciones”. So, take all this with a grain of salt; I would say that they are interchangeable most of the time.


Many thanks!

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