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Slack / WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice)

Slack is an online communications platform and SSiW have a group on there called Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP). The group is open to anyone of any level.

The slack community is lively, fun, warm and welcoming. As well as being a place where learners can practice their Welsh with other learners and members of the SSiW team either via audio, or audio and video links, it also has all sorts of interesting online events going on, such as singing sessions, quizzes, question and answer sessions, noson lawen evenings and many more.

You can get slack here.

If you would like to become a member of the Slack WSP community, you need to be ‘invited’ to the group - to do this you simply send an email to with WSP in the title and you’ll be sent an invite.

Once you have Slack/WSP open on your device, down the left hand side, purple coloured navigation bar, you’ll see a list of headings/places you can go to called Channels. This is where you’ll find all the events and activities listed above.

In this thread @nia.llywelyn will be regularly posting updates on what’s happening next in WSP. So from now on, all future WSP events and activities will be advertised here - wach this space! :smile:


To be viewed now …
Say Something in Welsh’s first online PANTO . Dacw Mam yn dwad


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Another Noson Lawen coming up this Friday…

Everybody welcome to turn in :grinning:

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To join Welsh Speaking Practice e-mail

Hi Nia. I’m a 6 month course learner and while I’m cracking on with the lessons I need to take the plunge and speak to others in Welsh (I fact according to my email today on week 10 it’s a must). I’m really struggling with how to use Slack. Do I need an invite to a learner session? And then how do I try to find someone willing to listen to my sentences? Any guidance appreciated Cheers, David Jones

@d-jones200, shw mae.
What they mean is the hangouts on the 6/6 months courses. Here’s a list, you should have been already invited to Slack.
If you have any difficulty please send an e-mail to or ask Deborah, she understands the system better than me. Anyway, look forward to meeting you soon, :smile::crossed_fingers:

Hi Nia. Many thanks. So I can literally “attend” one of the hang outs without any further reference? David

@d-jones200, yes, dim problem :smile:

Hi David!

If you have a look at the first message in this thread, it gives you all the instructions you need on where to find Slack and how to use it. There is currently also a set of comprehensive instructions on how to use all our online platforms in the SSiW weekly email. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I know the title of this thread refers to WSP, but I’ve noticed from other forum posts and on WSP that there does seem to be a bit of confusion about the two Slack groups/workspaces - WSP and 6/6. People on the 6/6 course have been going to WSP to join the 6/6 hangouts (as in the timetable Nia posted above) only to find there are none running there, without realising that there are actually two workspaces.
I think maybe it’s because we tend to use ‘Slack’ as a generic term (and I’m as guilty of this as anyone!) where perhaps we should be more careful to be more specific as to which workspace we’re referring to and the differences between them?

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As well as the hangouts, you can also pop on the ‘online now’ section on Slack and ask for a chat. Pob lwc, you’ll be chatting confidently on no time.

Hi Jen. That’s really helpful. Thanks so much. David

Next event on the Welsh Speaking Practice will be the Noson Lawen this Friday.
If you would like to take part please come along to our rehearsal on Thursday evening at 8:30 pm, 20:30 BST. @phylgriffiths will be our brilliant MC once again…

A huge congratulations to Gareth, the winner of our quiz yesterday in the grand finale.
@gareth-19 is originally from Abergavenny, south east Wales but now works and lives in Guildford.
His first chosen subject was ‘Un Nos Ola Leuad’ a classic Welsh book written by Caradog Prichard about his life growing up in Bethesda, North Wales. He did two rounds with this as his subject and then went on to get a clear round, 10/10 with answering questions about Wrexham football team.

Thank you to everyone else who took part and to @siaronjames for becoming the runner up. :tada:
The quiz will be back in September if anybody would like to take part please send me a message
We had 18 contestants in our first set of games.