Slack Welsh Speaking Practice on a tablet - only works in app and doesn't allow video calls?

Hi all. I joined the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice group and had a conversation with someone last week. I’m using my tablet for Slack calls, and it wouldn’t work in Google Chrome browser - instead it asked me to get the Slack App. I did that, but it didn’t give us an option to do a video call, only a voice call. So how do I get video calls to work? Perhaps there’s a setting I haven’t enabled or something? Does anyone else here do video calls with Slack on their tablet, and is that in your web browser or via the app?

My tablet works fine for Skype video calls, just not with Slack.

@daeld-daeldia - Jack, you’re pretty good with this stuff… any suggestions for Neil?

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Sorry for the late reply - still having a busy time since I moved to Brisbane.

I’m not sure why the slack app does not allow video calls through the app on iOS. It may be an issue of getting the code right on iOS is harder to get a stable video connection and they are currently doing a big review of their web programming and bug fixing, so they may not have enough resources.

This leaves us with only voice-only calls on the app. A workaround is to start a hangout (you have to have the hangouts app installed), which will let you do video calls. If you type /hangouts on the subject line (including the /), it should give you a link.