Slack or Forum? Which is for what?

I’m struggling a bit to understand the fit between Slack and the Forum.

Is the difference that the Slack community I’m part of is specifically for 6-monthers whlle the Forum is general? So far I have only really used Slack for accessing the group video sessions, as I feel a bit more at home with the Forum - should I be putting more effort into exploring Slack or doesn’t it really matter?

Any thoughts?

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The forum here is for people in SSiW and is for support, encouragement and being a friendly community. Whilst the Slack 6-month group is for those doing the SSiW 6 month course, the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group which it’s part of is open to anyone wanting to practice Welsh whether they are doing so through SSiW or not and is primarily for speaking (and listening) practice more than the forum is. The forum gives you a little practice at speaking and listening (with the coloured speech bubble challenges) but you’ll progress much faster if you make the most of the WSP group and join in chats and hangouts as often as possible.

It is completely possible to stay an active member of both the forum and the Slack groups - they are linked (because they all stem from SSiW and have so many members in common), but I would say definitely be active on both :grinning:


This is an old thread, but it seemed more appropriate than a new thread.

In another thread there was the comment:

And if you want to use our Welsh Speaking Practice Slack, we have a channel for grammar questions, which is appropriately named #grammar-questions :slight_smile:

Get help where you’re comfortable, but please consider that questions posted on the forums are here for future learners to find too (not just SSi users either, this forum is often on the first page of results when searching Welsh learning questions on Google). I’ve learnt a lot from questions asked here years ago. The messages on Slack are closed to the outside world and are inaccessible after 90 days - for all I know, nobody has ever asked a question in in #grammar-questions there.