Slack is Down (just in case you hadn't heard)


And just when I really needed it! In case the problem continues…

Anyone willing to keep up the chat (especially if you’re overseas or willing to play a musical instrument during our chat) can send me a private message, and we can transfer to Skype!

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WSP seems ok now but the SSiW 6M is still not connecting with me

Thanks - I’ll give it a try.

Looks like all is good again now


Woopsy! A new feature in your chats? You didn’t tell me that one. :slight_smile: (Not that I play anything too good though) :slight_smile:

Being good isn’t a criterion, Tatjana. To help me with my latest challenge, you just have to chat to me in Welsh (no problem) and play a bit of a musical instrument (excluding the flugelhorn, bassoon, and ocarina, which have already been played)…

Aha. So if I understand things right you’d prefer some national instrument to be played from the area where one lives. Do I get you correctly?

Ummm … well, our national instrument is accordeon for sure BUT that’s one I don’t have and also can’t play though (at least not good enough) :slight_smile:

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Trying not to sound too thick here but is Slack the same as Skype ? I bumped in to Nicky Roberts in Caernarfon last weekend and he persuaded me to join it.

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Hi Sam, similar type of thing, but a different provider, or whatever the technical word is.

It has a text section a bit like this forum. But we use it predominantly for one-to one or group video practice sessions.

Hi Sam,

It’s a bit of a mix of a text forum, and Skype.

If you go on the “Online Now” section, most mornings people will post if they are going to about that day, to arrange brief and spontaneous 1:1 chats.

If you go in the “Hangouts” section you will see hangouts break out most nights at 7pm.


A great instrument


I’m not that organised - any musical instrument fine, if not already played by someone!

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Thanks @Nicky. Are the hangouts 1 to 1 chats or are they a kind of multi screen group chat ?

A bit of both to be honest. People can start 1:1s with each other or start hangouts with a group that anyone can join.

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Thanks for the heads up! I wonder if it was because we didn’t have electricity all day today… :wink:

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