Skype Week Extravaganza

Hello Everyone!

Next week I am heading to the UK for the first time on a family trip (super exciting!). Fortunately, I managed to convince everyone else that Wales has to be on the itinerary. I get to spend five days in Wales (definitely not long enough lol) and am looking forward to trying to speak Welsh as much as possible. Anyways, I have been learning with SSIW for a little while now and am looking for fellow Welsh learners/speakers who wouldn’t mind skyping this week with me in order to get some solid practice before I head to Wales. I just got done with my current semester at College so I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule! I live in America so as long as I can be awake at the time you want to chat in my time zone I will try my best to make it work. I am currently about half way through Course 3 Northern, but definitely willing to chat with anyone of all levels or courses it doesn’t matter to me because it will all be helpful in the end!

Thanks a ton,


Did you get anyone who’d be willing to Skype practice with you?


Hey Tatjana I did get a person or two but if you would like to chat as well I would definitely be down!

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Which timezone do you live in? If it’s -6 then it is 4 pm by you at the time I’m writing you this (it’s 10:16 pm here as I write). If you’re in -9 zone then it’s 1:16 at you) what both suits to me if I talk to you from 8 to 10 pm my time.

I live right by Chicago so I think I am currently -5 GMT because of daylight savings time. I think you are probably currently in +2 GMT so I think we are seven hours apart. Sorry this time zone stuff gets crazy sometimes haha. Anyways would you be free at that 8-10PM your time on either Friday or Saturday this week?

Friday is fine. Saturday I have chat with @brigitte. So … Friday 8 pm my time? Is it OK?

My Skype TatjanaPrelog or thoughttalking(at)

Sounds good Tatjana see you then!!

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Iawn. :slight_smile:

Great chat today @Ben! Mae dy Gymraeg yn gwella yn sydyn iawn - llongyfarchiadau i ti am gyrraedd mor bell a hyn!


Diolch un fawr iawn Catrin for your kind words! Chatting with you has been a great help in getting me to where I am with my Welsh so thanks again and can’t wait for Cymru!


I had great chat with @Ben yesterday and I can say he’d do extreamly well in Wales. As much as I could see/hear you speak Cymraeg very well and despite my inventive language it seams you understood me perfectly so did I understood you perfectly too.

Thank you for your time and I hope we’ll speak again when you come back from Wales.

Pob lwc ac mwynhau … :slight_smile:


@tatjana Your Welsh is great and I had no problems understanding you so thanks for taking the time to help me out and I’ll be sure to siarad with you again once I’m back!

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