Skype talks

I am so grateful to join the group which talks on Skype. My only problem is that when I try to open Skype (The new updated one) it doesn’t accept my e-mail address, my membership word nor my password. I get one of those funny, distorted alphabets to write…after 8 tries yesterday I gave up… Hope it’s better this week. !

Are you on computer or on the device. Maybe one of our techys can help?

Not me though, I’m not that advanced… :slight_smile:

And I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the last session. Looking forward to see you again.

Ah, I had that on my main Windows 10 login today after unfortunately allowing it to update. It took about five goes for it to accept the newly reset passwords. A pain because it would only send the authorisation codes to my home phone and I was in work in a different country (as I now like to call England) :wink: