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I have been searching the ffrindiaith to find some people to chat with locally, but seeing a lack of local people I thought about skype conversations. I can’t see anything that separates if people are interested in skype practice or not, and I don’t want to spam lots of peoples invoices with requests.

Is there some way of finding people who are interested in this specifically, or anyone in the forum who might be interested in a regular skype Welsh chat?

I went to a local university meetup last night, which got me very excited about my continued Welsh learning. The group is quite large however, and its quite easy to get lost in conversation unless I am talking to someone one to one, so I have been thinking a good supplement would be to speak one to one as well :smile:

Best Wishes

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Shwmae, Flynn!

I would be interesting in skype conversation. I’ve completed Curse 1+ 9 lessons of Level 1, Southern. Are you doing Southern or Northern?

These threads might also be helpful - on is about the different ways of using skype for practice, the other two are from people looking for Skype speaking partners.


Schmae!, Stella

I would definitely be interested in arranging a Skype in Welsh session :smile:
Thanks a lot for the quick response, and links to other topics, I really appreciate it. I will try and think of some times I can Skype , and we can arrange when is good for the both of us. I will personal message you

All the best


edit: I am also doing the southern course, and I am about half way through the second course, though I only did about half of the course 1 vocab units

Second edit: Though I did 23 lessons of challenge 1, before switching to course 1 when I ran out of challenge lessons.

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Fine, PM me and I’m sure we can find the right time to meet:) Glad we both do Southern!

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Helo @Flynn.

All Challenges of Level 1 (new course) are now available + 9 Challenges of Level 2 so plenty of material to go through. As @Aran said there is also first exelerated listening practice (that means double speed one) in Southern Level 1 too.

Wel … pob lwc am dysgu ac siarad.

Oh, and, I can tell you from the “first hand” that @stella is great speaking partner and she uses her knowledge of Cymraeg very well so surely you have to arrange sessions with her. Her being language teacher herself too, she also knows very well how to deal with possible “difficulties” while speaking.

I’m not brilliant “student” and didn’t do any other course besides SSiW but conversation with Stella was always super great and easy to understand and being understood.



Helo @tatjana

Yes, I remember some accelerated listening practices when I did the challenges. I think my plan now is to finish course 2, as I have just 9 lessons more to do, and then go back to the challenges for the 10+ challenges I have not done :smile:

Yes I am looking forward to practicing my speaking, very exciting!


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