Skype anyone?

Hi everyone.

After a bit of a disaster today Im wondering if anyone fancies a Skype chat at some point.

I ventured down to Saith Seren at lunchtime only to find I had made the mistake of not checking it was open! I mean I only had the goal of saying " Ga i planed o goffi du a frechdan caws" plus you know then explaining I am a learner etc. Anyway I can’t get down there this evening nor next week as I am on holiday. I do have a meeting planned for Saturday but feel I need a little practice.

Be warned…I am hopeless at understanding anyone else and long pauses are expected song with plenty of ummmms and errrrs but if anyone is about today, tomorrow eve (tues Aug 16) or weds eve it would be appreciated.


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Tuesday, 6pm? Unless someone else has nabbed you via a PM. I’ll send you my Skype address in the morning as I don’t have it with me at the moment.


Can’t do six. Seven?


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Cool. Bear in mind I am very much a beginner!

I have no idea what my Skype name

What a nice chat that was. I didn’t understand a word honestly! :wink:


Memrise told me, before I knew better, that “liar” was “celwyddwraig”.:smiley:

It was a very enjoyable and understandable hour and I hope you find lots more people to practice with!

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Ok, I lied, it wasn’t a nice chat :wink:

HAHA! It seams like it was fun - @margaretnock and @petermescall. :slight_smile:


It certainly was fun. Hands free whilst driving using Bluetooth and Skype on a 4g phone! Can’t speak Welsh when concentrating on it let alone when driving…carnage behind no doubt!

I did start the conversation trying to assess how safe this would be with hands free blue tooth but was assured it would be safe. Didn’t hear any sounds of carnage from my end.


See I told you I didn’t understand a word. I thought you were telling me it was the Welsh word for Skype!

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