Six month 'sabbatical'

Well, it’s very likely i’m going to get the chance for a break in teaching. I’ll be looking for a new post for September but in the meantime I thinking about ways i can improve my welsh.

Happy to consider most things so long as i can get weekends/holidays to see family.

I live in north east wales but would consider anywhere in the north.

Thanks in advance.

Have you considered doing an intensive residential course somewhere like Nant Gwrtheyrn ? I’m sure there will a course running during the weekdays , Monday - Friday

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Yes with popeth cymraeg

I’m not being very explicit, because “do what you enjoy” is my first thought, but I wondered about getting a job outside school someplace where Welsh is spoken. Chef at Saith Seren? Serving in cafe in Caernarfon? Working in the place in Aberystwyth famous for being Welsh speaking (forget name!) :information_desk_person: any job you can find yn Gymraeg!
Oh, how about staff at Nant Gwrtheyrn?


I shall start looking :slight_smile:

What a fantastic idea! I’ve been doing some work experience for my course recently, and using Welsh in the workplace is a brilliant way to help it improve swiftly.

And, of course, if you have the finances not to have to earn money for that time you have off work, Pete, you could always look into volunteering - I would bet there are all sorts of charities that are crying out for Welsh-speaking helpers.


Hi Sarah,

I’ve been looking into the same thing with a view to packing my job up and spending some time in Wales this year actually learning there and using the language unlike in Georgia!

There are some really good volunteer sites in Wales that link to a whole host of organizations. Just google volunteering in Wales and I’m sure you’ll find something - some state Welsh speaking opps.
Personally, I’m looking at the RSPB and North Wales Wildelife Trust which book have active volunteering networks and fun stuff to do… while speaking Welsh :slight_smile: look forward to hearing what you end up going for!
Best, Chris


And don’t forget Menter Iaith


I meant Pete… Sori:)


If you volunteer at the Eisteddfod you get free entry for every day you are volunteering on site. This won’t pay for your accommodation, but it will get you a lot of chances to speak Welsh, and a voucher for food as well. Make sure you volunteer for one session a day, then you have hours of exposure to the language throughout the rest of the day. I could choose which sessions last time. Maes D was over subscribed and I just got 2 sessions there, but there is more general “Here to Help” type work as well, which I also did, and some office work. Make sure you are on their mailing list or FB page and you will get to know when the volunteering opens.


And they want volunteers before and after the event itself.


@Novem and @lynne_freudigmann might find the above useful as well.

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Thinking about it, possibly the food vouchers are if you do two sessions in one day. Can’t quite remember.

Sheer curiosity, @ChrisTaylor, which Georgia? USA or Europe? The second is good at rugby!

The one that’s good at rugby :slight_smile:

Mind the USA are getting better! But I live in the country not the state

Oh, it’s wonderful to meet a person from Georgia! Your name doesn’t seem Georgian, so are you there temporarily? I have great admiration for the Georgia rugby team! I truly think they or whoever comes top of the ‘junior’ Europe sides should have a chance to get into the 6 nations!

I’ve been living here temporarily for almost 4 years now :slight_smile: Georgia have a very decent rugby team. And they always beat Russia which is enjoyable for the Georgian team supporters but those games are rarely televised in Russia due to that reason, ha :slight_smile: Wish I’d missed the last 5 mins of the Welsh game over the weekend myself! Doesn’t look like Georgia will be able to get involved with the 6 nations setup for quite some time. They beat everyone at their level but they need the opportunity to play at a higher level more often.

Exactly! Look how long it took to get from 5 Nations to 6!! How long did it take for the Pumas to get into the Southern Championship?! There should be play-offs every year between the bottom ‘top’ team and the top ‘lower’ team! Maybe a middle layer, if there are enough Nations, and I’d think there were in Europe! How are Georgia at Sevens? Places like Fiji get famous by winning those tournaments before improving their 15s!!