Sir Benfro

Anyone interested in setting up a meeting to practise Welsh in South Pemb (Tenby/St Florence area). Saturday mornings or a Friday night would be the best for me! If not, no worries. I will have to consider driving to the Carmarthen meetings.


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@conradbryant you go to something in the Fishguard area, don’t you Conrad? Do you know of anything over Tenby way?

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Tenby every Wednesday 11.00 to 12.00 see list on Dee’s weekly email.
Milford Haven 10.00 first Saturday bore coffi every month contact me.
Haverfordwest 12.00 bore coffi with Mike first Wednesday every month
haverfordwest 10.30 bore coffi paul Satori cafe
Haverfordwest third Saturday every month bore coffi with Wynne Pembroke yeoman 11.00
Contact Margaret Morgan Menter iaith ( ) hold many sessions all over Pembrokeshire including Pembroke dock.


Thanks Conrad. I thought that there was a meet up in Tenby. Unfortunately I am in work. However, I might be able to make the meeting on a Saturday in Pembroke Dock. I will email Margaret Morgan.


Hi! I’m going to be in Haverfordwest for the school summer holiday. Is this list of meet-ups still current?

Yes but during the summer there are sometimes small changes so when you arrive call me on 07748116669 to get current status of meetings. You will be welcome at them all