Simple beginners question

I’m on Level 1 (week 4) and I’m confused about when to use:

ma eisiau i fi (I need to)
ma rhaid i fi (I must / I’ve got to)

To me, the words “need” and “got to” are interchangeable.
Eg: 'I need to practice" and 'I’ve got to practice".

I’m having trouble remembering these words because I can’t differentiate between them.

Confused Claire


Need being something you want to do. And rhiad/must that you have to do, like you don’t have a choice. If that helps at all.

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Perhaps the best way to think of it is that ‘must’ is stronger than ‘need’.

‘I need to practise my Welsh’ implies that if you want to improve your Welsh then it’s important that you practise it - but if you’re not that committed, well you might not get round to doing it.

‘I must practise my Welsh’ because there’s an exam coming up in a couple of days’ time, so if I don’t practise then I’m likely to fail.

Sometimes the choice is clear; other times it may be a case of how much emphasis you wish to put on it as to which of the two to choose.


Many thanks it makes perfect sense now.

Thank you I understand it now.