Siarad Cymraeg yn Reading, Berkshire?

Shwmae! Ydych chi’n byw yn Reading, Berkshire, ac yn siarad/dysgu Cymraeg? Hoffwn i glywed oddi wrthoch chi! Diolch o galon, Jo :relaxed:

You’ve got this one in your sights for the email already, yup, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

@jo-7, would the Oxford group be of interest to you, i suspect JW will put a link here when he sees this.

Cheers J.P.


Helo Jo - If you think you might be interested in the Oxford group, we try to meet up once a week on Thursdays at the Jericho Cafe in Walton St (if you know Oxford it’s opp. the Phoenix Cinema, about 15 mins walk from Oxford station) and you’d be very welcome to join us - here’s link:

We also try to arrange a walk once a month or so which provides a good opportunity to practice more and, likewise, you’d be welcome to join us for these also - we try and choose a location which fits in with where people are coming from, e.g. a couple of times we’ve started out from Goring & Streatley station which is not that far from Reading - there’s a different link for our walks etc

By the way, I usually travel into London at least once a week by train so, if coming to Oxford or joining us on a walk doesn’t work for you, a possibility might be for me to stop off at Reading on my way back to Oxford to join you er mwyn cael cyfle i siarad Cymraeg. Anyway, pob lwc efo ffeindio siaradwyr neu dysgwyr yn Reading a llawer o gyfleoedd i siarad Cymraeg!
Hwyl, John


Diolch yn fawr iawn am y wybodaeth i gyd John :smile:

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