Shwmaeathon - Physical presence required

Shwmae, bawb!

The Shwmaeathon is on Monday, and I have Heno coming to film during the morning, at about 11.40. They would like to have a couple of SSiW bodies there, to speak to one or two, and have a few more looking like they’re enjoying themselves SSiW-style (minus the reverend James, i guess!).

Who is able to pop up to Llandysul on Monday morning, for 11.30? Cat and I will bith be there, and you might like a seat at the Shwmaeathon hosts chair for 5 minutes, or anything else that goes.

Let me know!

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If and only if you have no other takers by Saturday evening, I’ll try to bring my considerable “physical presence” down. :smile: I guess that fluency is not required.


If fluency was required, you could still come, Huw, chwarae teg!

And diolch for such a kind offer - I hope that I can rustle up one or two locals to save you the journey!

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@Iestyn I hope you’ve rustled up some locals, but if you want my bodily presence in Llandysul on Monday, just let me know your address by PM or e-mail. Otherwise you’ll have my virtual presence at the times I’ve specified in Doodle.

Now get in plenty of beauty.sleep, before 3 am on Monday. :smiley: