Shwmaeathon - 15 Oct, 2019

Hi Clare! Good morning! San Francisco and Berkeley… hyfryd iawn! Even though it’s not that far, I don’t really have the means to get over your way very often, but it would be fun to put together occasional meetups to practice from time to time. I know another Welsh speaker who lives somewhere in between (he’s learned elsewhere, but he’s considering joining the postcard club), so maybe we could carpool part way. We’ve done a couple meetups here in Sacramento already. Just throwing the idea out there, in case you’re interested at some point. :slight_smile: Speaking of the postcard club, I am so excited about it i fod yn onest! I love getting real, handwritten letters and postcards so I was thrilled when I found out about it!

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Hi Deborah, will you be letting us know if, when and how you need us to host the shwmaeathon hangout?

Diolch yn fawr to everyone who has volunteered to help out with the Shwmaeathon. We’ll post the final arrangements here as soon as we can :slight_smile:

Iestyn is going to start things off at 2:00 Tuesday morning in Wales, so he will set up YouTube and Jitsi putting the links here for people to join in, and the Shwmaethon will continue until 2:00 on Wednesday morning.

We have at least one person for every time slot now, and two for quite a few of them. What we would like is if one person could have the main responsibility for each slot, but of course the more the merrier so great if others can be there and stay for a while as well.

I’ll PM everyone who has volunteered to confirm your time slots and whether you’re the main person at that time.

We’re not entirely sure how long an individual Jitsi session can run for, possible 4-5 hours, but definitely not the entire Shwmaeathon, so there will be a need to start up new sessions during the day. Iestyn and I will do that as much as possible, but I’ll instructions for the volunteers in your PMs, just in case you suddenly find you need to start it up again and it would be a good idea if you have a quick practice sometime before your slot.

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OK, here’s a test Jitsi link so you can have a go now and be prepared for the real thing:

It will probably ask if it can use your camera and microphone. When you get in, if you hover near the bottom right, you’ll see some square boxes. If you click those you get a ‘tiled’ effect where other participants are all shown in a block in the centre of the screen and the person speaking gets a coloured border around them so you can see.

To show your name, click on the 3 vertical dots at the bottom right, and go to Settings in the popup menu. Then choose the ‘Profile’ tab, and type your name into the ‘Display name’ box.

And that’s about all there is to it really, so I hope to lots of you will be able to join in the fun.

PS: I may or may not be here when you test the link, but as long as you can see my messy office shelves you know you’re fine :slight_smile:

EDIT: One browser it doesn’t support is MS Edge, but it does give you a message suggesting Chrome or Firefox

Sorry about the quality of my image online - I’m still waiting for my Superfast Broadband connection to happen, so the problem is at my end, not yours!

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I just had a go and it worked fine. I hope to pop in at least once tomorrow.

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I’ve successfully made contact with Deborah’s test sight (after pressing buttons to enable my microphone, speakers and camera :blush: ) and am looking forward to being present between 11:00 -14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00 (Ystrad Meurig time) tomorrow (Tuesday).

I’m looking forward to some international clonc tomorrow. :speaking_head:

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It’s promising that 3 hours have gone by since I started the test hangout and it’s still live! Hopefully that means we won’t have to restart it very often over the 24 hours.

I’ve got in to the test ‘room’ alright. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to pop in (which is why I haven’t volunteered to ‘host’ - sorry), but I definitely will sometime tomorrow evening :slight_smile:

I just tried the jitsi test link and there were no prompts for the speaker or microphone but I was asked for a password.
Not sure what to do now?

That’s strange. No one else has been asked for a password. What browser are you using?

Hi Deborah, our browser is Chrome and I have been using Jitsi previously for the hangouts.


Edit: it happens with Opera, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Yup that is what I got!

I know that it’s possible to set Jitsi to require a password, but it’s not what I did. I wonder if it’s somehow been activated due to the length of time it’s been running … or because I was showing Iestyn how to set up Live Streaming.

Can you try again?

It works now!

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I just closed it and clicked on the link to reactivate it, and it definitely says ‘No password’ now

Brill! I can tell Iestyn if people start having password issues just to shut it down and start it up again!

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Sorry to but in. Just to say: great idea. It was last years Shwmaeathon that gave me the confidence to be a speaker rather than just coming out with the odd word. I can definitely recommend it. :slight_smile:


Diolch Deborah!
Thanks for trouble shooting the problem.