Shwmaeathon 15/10/18 - who and when?


Here’s how to join the Shwmaeathon:

First go to You should see the live broadcast happening there without having to do anything. If you can’t, then I shall also be tweeting the link via @DailyWelshWords, and try to put it on the forum and Facebook, although this will require a measure of multi-tasking from me, which is something I’m not particularly good at!

If you can see the broadcast, there will be a description underneath that will include a link to click to take you to the hangout. You will need to be using either Chrome or Internet Explorer as your browser - things like Firefox and Edge won’t work. You will also need a google account to be able to use a hangout.

As long as you have those things, clicking on the link will take you direct to the hangout.

This thread is for people who want to take part in the Shwmaeathon, just to help me feel a bit more relaxed that someone will be speaking to me at some stage during the day… (I’m not panicking at all!)

The Shwmaeathon runs from 3am on Monday 15th October to 3am Tuesday 16th, and will be via Google Hangout (link on our WSP page) and will be broadcast live on YouTube SSi Languages channel, where there will also be a link to join in,

So, please could you reply to indicate where you are from and what sort of time you will be able to pop in. Please be clear about the timezone when you give a time, and if you can give it in BST, so I can get it straight in my head who is likely to be talking to me. I am a bear of very little brain when it comes to working out time zones. I have enough trouble with France (+1 hour. Or is it -1?)

Diolch yn fawr!



S’mae! I’m in the Gogs, so BST and I’ll definitely be dropping in sometime in the evening - I can rarely get on the computer before 6pm and if Milla does her hangout 7pm to 8pm I’m usually doing that, then I’m around again between 8.30pm and 10pm. My plan was to click the link and see how many were in the hangout before joining - if lots then I was going to leave it until later and try again then (to spread things out a bit!), so it’s hard to pick a particular time but I will see you at some point.


Diolch Siaron! That’s great that you can hover and wait for a quiet moment - that will really ease the mind if there are a few who can do that.

Ideally, I’d like to know that I’m talking to people first thing and last thing, and that there are people able to take up the slack in the middle, so your plan is perfect!

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I’m in Finland so not very far timezone-wise. I’m free all day (no school!) so I can check in every now and then and join if I see you’re alone :smile:

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That sounds an excellent idea, Novem. I’ll do the same thing. I’m in Ystrad Meurig and the timezone here is late 1970s. :smile:


I am hoping to say Shwmae to people face to face in Oxford in the morning, but I should be back at the computer by 2.45pm-ish BST. I too can look in at intervals and try to pick a quiet time.

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Hi, I’m on BST but happy to set the alarm early and check in for a sgwrs soon after 5am. I can check after work too but I suspect you’ll have more takers then and I’m not much use after 10pm these days!

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Shwmae @Iestyn. I’m in that BST+1 timezone (the same as France :slight_smile: ) so I’ll be able to be around some time after 8 pm my time (7 pm BST) but as here are at the moment only those involved who are at your time zone I might check somewhere in the night burying myself into the cellar with my phone in hand so I don’t disturb anyone in my house. I could surely do that at around 1 am my time (midnight your time) or even a bit later if you’ll get a lot of crowd from southern or eastern spheres there. I’ll follow this thread to see what pops up in the next days so I could adapt to your most quiet time. I’m just sorry not to be a bit closer so I could bring some real cooked coffee with to make your 24 hrs a bit lighter and bearable to overlive.

Pob lwc for now. See you.

Oh, and I’m sorry this event is not this week as I’m at home and I would not need to worry when I have to get up again … ahhhh … But everything for a good cause, no matter what!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Helo, Iestyn:

I’m 5 hours behind BST, East Coast US. I can help fill in during those slow times of your day, like 3-4AM BST or during the work day. I’ll wait and see what other time slots are filling up and find one that’s not so busy.


Hi Iestyn
I’m in Bavaria, same time zone as France. I’ll be able to pop in between 13.30 and 15.00 (BST 12.30 and 14.00) and after 19.00 (BST 18.00) until late.


I’ll be in Napoli (BST + 1 hour) and will drop in if I can get a connection. I’ll know later between what times.
Pob lwc!

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I am BST and happy to fit in anywhere that I am free on the day, just let me know nearer the time or alternatively I will keep a lookout. I know some of the challenges on the weekly e mails of those on the structured courses have been one and two hour conversations, that could fill in a lot of time if you hi-jack a few of those people. You could do a “wanted list” nearer the time. @Iestyn


Saturday I’ll do my best to get tips about where to find a good connection in Napoli, from the bride or her sisters - before everybody gets too drunk to answer! :grin:

As for popping in myself, I can’t tell exactly when yet but more likely sometime between 13:00 and 15:00 BST


Diolch bawb! I have put an event on the WSP channel. I have 17 people attending so far (one of them is me!), so I could do with one or two more…

I’ve also got a bit more info on - take a look and let me know any comments, especially things I haven’t said or things that aren’t clear.



@Iestyn The type of membership we have of Slack apparently means that there’s a limit of c.20 people who can be registered for total hangouts at any one time, so anyone expressing interest at this point receives a reply:

"Eventbot Calendar Uh oh, your workspace has reached its limit of 20 participants. Upgrade Eventbot to allow for more participants."

This has come up before. It doesn’t mean people can’t join the hangout on the day, just that it’s not possible at present to put one’s name down for it. I guess more folks will be finding the same thing as they try to register…


Slack limit the number of people who can accept to join a hangout but we have found during the last six months on the course this doesnt really matter and as Alan says people who havent registered can join a hangout, its seems to be a case of first come first served. Just a thought but if you want to keep a record of people and times it may be an idea to keep your own list and if you do please put me on it as I was unable to register too. Pob lwc


Like @Tricia, I was one of the 17+ who tried to say “I’m interested”
Following Tricia’s suggestion, this might give @Iestyn a better idea how many and who :
Please “Like” this post (click the :heart: ) if AND ONLY IF you intend to join Iestyn’s Shwmaethon on the Slack WSP channel.

Please do not click “like” otherwise.


Yes. This will give a better idea of numbers if wr actuslly press like on Huw’s post. As mentioned, the expression of interest on Slack is only that. Not a real reservation. Im pretty sure that anyone (registeted with the Slack WSP) can join the hangout up to a max of 10 st any time. So we can just rotate or whatever Iestin advises on the day. I hope im not speaking out of turn. Cheetd John


Good idea Huw and I’ve liked. I dont think some folks on Slack are on the forum so may not be aware.


Good points, @JohnYoung and @Tricia. Whatever emerges from the “like count” will have to be inflated by a guess at non-SSiW Slack participants.