Shwmae / Su'mae Day - Oct 15 2021

Shwmae / Su’mae Day is an annual event encouraging everyone to use a little Welsh when out and about in the community - or online if you’re not in Wales! The idea is to greet people with “Shwmae” (if you’re in the south) or “Su’mae” (if you’re in the north) and even if that’s the only Welsh you use, it’s a start and gives the other person the opportunity to hear some Welsh.

Say Shwmae/Su'mae with SSiW

As we get closer to October 15th, various places will start to advertise events held on the day, or other opportunities to say “Shmwae / Su’mae”. I’ll post the ones I come across here, but if anyone else knows of anything in their area, feel free to add the information here.


For those who haven’t seen it in the other thread about WSP events, our next Online Noson Lawen just so happens to be on Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae, so if you’re looking for some musical and poetic entertainment from the comfort of your home, drop into our Zoom session! :notes:

(And if you’d like to perform something, too, let me know on here, on Slack or by mail. I’d be happy to get one or two more performers!)


Hi, here’s another event:

Sir Benfro has Shwmae/Su’mae Day well organised! Here are some of the events you can take part in, plus a “Hunt the Shwmae Stone” competition that could win you £20!

Detail on some of the events mentioned above:

Byw ar Ynys Mon?
Living on Anglesey? This is for you….

Come and meet the lovely @sarahwoodbury in Bangor on the 17th. Oh yes, and I will be there as well :smile:

There is also this opportunity to join in online with SSiW:

Say Shwmae/Su'mae with SSiW

Join the Zoom for the Say Shwmae/Su’mae with SSiW day. If it asks for a Passcode it’s 851543
And the link is:

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Diolch @nia.llywelyn :slight_smile: I enjoyed speaking with a group of people today and singing at 2PM/1900.
I made an Instagram video for Shwmae Day.