Shwmae! - moving to Pembrokeshire, Wales

Hiya, just starting the course this week, literally moving to Pembrokeshire this week.

Alternately elated and terrified, hope there are other people that we can get to know in the area. We’ll be staying in Pembroke for a few weeks and then moving into our new house just on the North coast.

Looking forward to learning the language. I’ve done some on Duolingo before but it didn’t really stick, so hoping a more conversational style will suit us better. Especially want to support my 9 y o who will be starting in a Welsh school next week (although virtually at the moment obviously!)


Hi Lucy & croeso! Hope everything goes well with the move and that you enjoy settling into the new life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We moved up to Gwynedd almost 9 years ago now, and I don’t regret it for a minute. SSiW was a key part of us becoming part of our local community here. I am biased but it certainly got me speaking to people much more quickly than face to face classes. So my top tip is tell everyone you meet that you’ve moved permanently, and that you’re learning Welsh. They’ll be really interested and happy to help - that’s certainly what happened to me. And tip 2 is Do Not Worry About Making Mistakes. The more you speak, the more you learn, and there’s always help here if there’s something utterly baffling.

Hope you enjoy the course, and do let us know how you get on with the new life! Take care, Stine


Hope all goes well!

My fiancee and I are ultimately hoping to move to beautiful Ceredigion, where of course Welsh is very strongly spoken. As we want to integrate (and the language is awesome anyway) we’re doing what we can to learn in advance. I would love to confidently make that first move of walking into shop for some llaeth a bara and to ask for it!

Shwmae Lucy. We moved to Pembrokeshire 20 years ago and have not regretted it. We have lived in several places - Letterston, Mathry, Trefin in the north of the County and we’re now in Talbenny, near Little Haven. Where is you new house in the north may I ask?

Shwmae Lucy,
Snap, we moved to Pembrokeshire two weeks ago and are still living out of boxes at the moment, but we will get ourselves sorted. Have met lots of very friendly neighbours, but so far haven’t found anyone who speaks Welsh. I’m sure they’re out there and I will find them eventually. Good luck with your move!


Well, well! Croeso i Gymru Doug! Hope you find plenty of favourite new fishing spots, and there are lots of Viking connections for you to discover there too! :wink:


Diolch yn fawr Siaron.

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Ah hi Doug, Croeso. Cymreag is starting to become more popular in S Pembs now. But once you settle in, and take a short drive (pannic buyers permitting) into N Pembs, Carms or Ceredigion you’ll be spoilt for Welsh speakers.

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