Shwmae Day Fair

Are there any artists, crafters, bakers, jewellery makers etc in the South Wales area that would be interested in having a stall at our Shwmae Day Fair on 15th October in Pontypridd?

If you’ve not heard of it before, Shwmae Day is an annual event that aims to promote the language in the community. You’ll need to be able to use a bit of Welsh as a stallholder, but there’s no pressure to be anywhere near fluent! I’m one of the Menter Iaith events volunteers helping to arrange it, and I’m not even close! :slight_smile:

The cost of a stall will be around £5, so if you’re interested, give me a PM asap. We’ve got a meeting Thurs eve, so I’ll be able to secure you a place.

Diolch yn fawr! :slight_smile:

Shwmae Day is great - really encourages people to speak a bit of Welsh and publicises businesses where Welsh is spoken Wish I lived a bit closer would love to have a stall but not very practical I’m afraid.

Hi Jon
May I have a stall at the Shwmae Day
Please send me details of what I need to do to book one etc.

Shwmae Vivien. Sorry for the late reply. Have been at bootcamp. Have just PM’d you. :slight_smile: