Shwmae Caerdydd - for those going to the Eisteddfod!

Hi All,

It has been a tough year for me on the home front and I am not approaching my time in Wales with my ‘normal’ level of confidence. But I had a number of speaking engagements lined up before we lost our daughter. I therefore decided to carry on as planned.

I am speaking at a number of Merched y Wawr groups and other Welsh societies. I am also being interviewed in Maes D at the Eisteddfod. My topic: Writing my way home - how I had a midlife crisis, decided to write a novel, and accidentally learned to speak Welsh in the process.

It would be great to see some friendly faces in the audience. To see any faces at all, in fact! :flushed:


I know I’ll be there, at the very least! :blush:


I’ll be with you in my mind (as always) however I’m sorry I won’t be there in my whole phisycal presence.

Good luck! (I’m sure everything will be just great).


I’ve heard you’ll be speaking in Machynlleth, so I’ll be on the front row there!


I think you’re hugely brave to carry on with your speaking engagements, Liz, and I hope they all go brilliantly.


I’m hoping to go to the Eisteddfod but haven’t worked out which days I’ll be there yet. I’ll try to get to your session if I can though.

It feels less than brave at the moment. I was going okay until the dog died…

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Yes, that makes all sorts of sense. Committing to carrying on, and aiming to carry on, is hugely brave, though. I don’t think real courage ever feels that much as though you’re being brave. We’re thinking of you.


@elizabeth_jane I don’t think we feel brave while we are working our way through - maybe we only see our courage in hindsight. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.


Yes, this was in fact the very thing the Welsh viewpoint character in my novel had to learn:

“Was this courage? Not a courage Tad would recognise. But it would serve. Maybe that’s all that mattered? Maybe that’s all courage was anyway - terror honed to a point.”

I should listen to my own advice! I’ll be okay when I get there.

Thanks for your encouragement.


Which day/s are you speaking at Maes D?

Tuesday at 1pm

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I will be there!

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So sorry to hear you’re having such a testing time. It’s hard, but all our good wishes are with you. We’ve been watching the Eisteddfod on S4C and pleased to be understanding a phrase here and there, so thank you everyone at SSi !

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