Shwmae America!

While at the North American Festival of Wales 2 weeks ago I met this cool gal who works for Cyngor Sir Penfro and teaches Welsh to adults at night. She came to our SSIW sponsored meet-up for anyone to practice their Welsh. She has started a facebook group called ‘Shwmae America!’ and here is the description she put on the page -

 Grwp ar gyfer pobl sy'n byw yn America ac sydd wedi dysgu Cymraeg ac sydd eisiau sgwrsio gyda phobl o Gymru. Gellir sgwrsio trwy ysgrifennu negeseuon, postio lluniau a fideos ac ymateb neu drefnu sgwrs go iawn ar Facetime.

Right now just Llinos and myself are members but I think this could be really fun as she obviously has connections in Wales.and is a super friendly and helpful person. She set it up as a closed group but as I understand it (I’m not real active on Facebook), anyone can see it but you have to be a member of the group to post. So if anyone wants to join send me a pm so I can add you by email. I think you can ask to join the group from the facebook page too but I don’t know if there is a way to say you are from SSIW so Llinos, as adminstrator, might not know why you want to join.

I think this could work into something really fun and helpful!
Houston, Texas
Keith Jones
Fountain Hills, Arizona

just invited these by email - so sorry it took me so long, I was looking for pm,s and forgot to check this thread! so sorry.

Any chance you folks are still involved in the SSIW forums, and currently learning in Arizona? I live in Tempe, and just happened upon this thread while visiting the Forum again. Cheers! - Sarah

Hi Sarah, There hasn’t been much activity on the Shwmae America page although there are a fair amount of members, and a lot Welsh folks in Wales. I’m not much of a facebooker myself and stopped posting after awhile when there wasn’t much feedback - I can add you if you like - maybe you can stir things up…