Should Would and Could

I’m struggling with my should, would and could’s.
Can anyone point me towards the lessons that they’ve been covered in so that I can revise please (North Walian Welsh).

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What challenge are you on, Judith? It will probably work better to push on through, and give your brain time to hear more examples of them until they slot into place - there isn’t one specific should/would/could lesson, so you’ll be jumping around a bit trying to find where each example first gets introduced - might end up taking more time than just letting the spaced repetition work its magic… :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, I’ve finished!

But, still struggling with all those. I think my problem is that I rushed through the first lessons, wrongly believing that they were too easy as I’d done Welsh in school - forgetting that it was absolutely eons ago!!!

I’m more than happy to go back to the first lessons if thats what it takes :grinning:

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It certainly won’t take that! So you’ve finished Level 1, Level 2 and what’s available of Level 3?

Yep! So at the moment I’m effectively “sticking a pin in” and randomly choosing a session from Level 3 to listen to most mornings in the car on the way to work … I’ve got to keep on practising, dontcha know :slight_smile: