Should I Use the Old Course?

Rocketing through the current course, just finished Level 2 challenge 13, and I began to wonder. Is there any additional benefit to using the old course material that the new course doesn’t eventually give you (i.e. additional vocabulary, more sentence constructions, grammar explanations to tie things I know passively already together, etc.)? Or should I just continue through Level 2 and 3 and to the Advanced Content?

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I got some real benefits from wondering/wandering around in my emotional wilderness and general life state of quandary, with the Old Course sessions in my ears. I had to have over a year’s worth of breather between 6mws & that course/set of tasks upon which I am now engaged namely The Deep End. There is still a load of material for me to work through and explore. With my iPhone app I can speed it up. It is sort of less stressful because less demanding whizzy whizzy, but the apparently boringly predictable landscapes lays tank traps before it lulls you into a trance and trips up your armour-plated arrogance.

I’ve really enjoyed making a success of Lefel 3 challenges and feeling glum about my failures to complete tasks (to the letter, as set) in The Deep End. I don’t regret my being idiosyncratic in my attempts at being a bit independent and autonomous in my explorations via the Old Course. Still avoiding the literacy/exam-driven learning course route like the plague, still really gaining from that, exorcising ghosts of past frustrations and the despair from failing to cope with learning BSL-by-examination, trauma of witnessing neglect & bullying in language classrooms in teens and adulthood.

I needed the Old Course - bits I’ve done - as part of my self-directed therapy. What are your particular needs and requirements re language learning, @hannahtrower?

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Maybe, but maybe not yet. It just does things in a slightly different way, it is the original SSiW course which has been improved upon. When I started the new course wasn’t completed so I started on the old course and having got to the end I then went through the new course really quickly which I think was really helpful. I’d just carry on with the new course for now and when you do get to the end, the old course will be there to give you a bit of useful extra practice.