Short residential in course in Welsh

Hi . I’m Mike Venet and am half way through the 12 month course( South Walian). I have been thinking about reinforcing my learning after I finish with a short residential that ties in with the methodology of SSIW. I am happy to do up to a week and was wondering if any fellow learners have any recommendations about courses. With thanks and best wishes.

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Well, you’re in luck.

SSiW runs its own residential courses (Bwtcamps) through the summer. The next one (at the end of April) is fully booked, and it looks like the one in June is going to be the same, but keep your eye on the forums for announcements about any happening in the following months.

Of course if you’re halfway through the course you could wait until next year, or you could just bite the bullet and sign up for the next Bwtcamp when it’s announced. :grin:

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Thanks a lot for that. I think I want something a little less intensive than B. Camp.have looked at the videos etc but need something a bit less demanding as my energy levels are not what they were. Diolch yn fawr.

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Dysgu Cymraeg do residential courses:
And Cymdeithas Yr Iaith recently did a residential weekend in Caernarfon: