Short daily language lessons

Have you noticed that we have volunteers creating short lessons in a variety of languages during this lockdown?

Aran does the script and produces the Welsh version (for children), then volunteers jump in and record the same in different languages. So far we have Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Slovenian, Esperanto, Basque and Russian … but if anyone speaks another language and fancies a project making a few videos, you’d be very welcome.

We’re up to Day 25, but they’re very short - only a couple of minutes - so if you’ve got some time on your hands I’m sure you could catch up. To have a look, go to and join the Slack group. The scripts are initially published in the #welsh channel, then others have their own language channel, but we make them public on YouTube as well.


Sounds nice!

I just didn’t understand if you have to join a different group than WSP or it’s just for those who are not in the WSP already?
(I had a quick look now and couldn’t find them, but there’s a whole lot of stuff at the moment so I might be just lost!)

It’s a totally separate Slack group, just for this and children use it with their parents, so not appropriate for the open WSP site.

You could probably add the ‘bedtime’ workspace to your WSP Slack without going to that link if you like.

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I’ve just tried to add a workspace but now it’s saying I’m about to sign in here :thinking::

So I stopped, it doesn’t look quite right. :rofl:

When I tried it required me this format:

not [external domain]/[bedtime]

I’ll try again from the link in your post, although it seemed to ask me to sign up again to Slack (but I have to check again to make sure, maybe I had a wrong impression I just didn’t want to find myself with a second account! ).

not bedtime but

This will do.

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Thanks Tatjana. I was just going to check the exact workspace name. I was going by the link, which of course is not the right thing to do :roll_eyes:


Every group, even if you add it on already existing slack acount has to have its own acount. I’ve solved this problem that way that I for all slack groups use the same password and e-mail so I can’t confuse the acounts. What you have to be caution though (as you’ve seen) is the name of the Slack group. This one you’ve tried … you can imagine where it would lead you. :slight_smile:



Thanks, Tatjana. This was correct!
Although it didn’t work (from within the WSP, with “add new workspaces”).
I just got an error and said I should request an invitation from the administrator - but then gives no contacts or further instructions so I got stuck at that point.
I’ve only used Slack for WSP and not even so many times, now I see Tatjana’s second comment and I’m sure that’s the reason why it didn’t work

So in the end, the way to go is actually clicking @Deborah-SSi’s link!

There it just asked me to sign up to the bedtimelanguages workspace.

I did, following @tatjana’s tip to avoid a mess with many different Slack accounts. :wink:

And one second later, I automatically received an e-mail to click on, to confirm e-mail address and got my access!

(I still haven’t seen anything though, just made sure not to be bounced away!)

I think once you’re a member of Bedtime Languages, you should then be able to add it to WSP. I’ve added it to my other Slack workspaces, so I have them all in the same app.

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Yah. I forgot to tell you that you actually have to create new acount on bedtime languages and then log into it. I’ve followed the link on the net, created acount and then added the space through my acount on WSP Slack. Basically Slack only enables you to be logged into several Slack acounts simultaniously without leaving one in order to sign into another. If you’d have 10 acounts you’d be able to be signed into all 10 and add them into WSP for you to go back and forth from one to another at will. All 10 would also mark the new messages for you so whenever you’d come into the Slack you’d have marks about how many new messages there are in every acount separately. This is one of the wonders of Slack which I didn’t see anywhere else. FB has something similar but wrks a bit different way though.

And I’ve seen you’ve found the community of Bedtime languages so everything is perfect I suppose.

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Yes I managed to log in alright, in the end, thanks. :slight_smile:

I just had a quick look around so far, and still haven’t had the time to say hello or watch any video but looks like a very nice idea!

Hi all,

Just found this forum post and am excited to use these mini courses. Any plans to keep going with them? Very exciting to see audio courses for these rarely covered languages!

Glad you’re finding them useful! They were just a lockdown project really - it was suggested to Aran that he could do some short sessions for children to give them something different to do during lockdown and he made the script available for others to volunteer other languages. We all had fun doing them, but there is no plan to carry on with them.

We are working on creating courses in different languages in our main system though, so hopefully you’ll see those starting to roll out during this year.