'Sharpen your Welsh' course with Ifor ap Glyn

Nant Gwrtheyrn are advertising a new course - sounds pretty good :slightly_smiling_face::
Join us for our upcoming Welsh medium course, ‘Sharpening up your Welsh’, between May 28th & 30th. Becoming proficient in Welsh is one thing - on this course, we’ll examine some of the tricks you can use to enrich your Welsh and make it sound more natural.

This course will be led by our guest tutor, Ifor ap Glyn. Ifor was brought up in London but now lives in Caernarfon. He graduated in Welsh and Welsh History from UCW Cardiff, and he has produced several series about the Welsh language for S4C and Radio Cymru, including ‘Ar Lafar’ and ‘Hanes yr Iaith mewn 50 gair’. Ifor is also the current National Poet of Wales.

The course will offer opportunities to:

• learn more about Welsh idioms, and when to use them

• dialect features of Welsh (focussing on the areas of those who attend the course)

• how different ‘tags’ (such as ynde, 'lly, 'sti, m’wn) can play their part in conversation and recounting anecdotes

• swearing(!) and Welsh humour in general.

We’ll also learn to identify English patterns that can creep into our Welsh - and how to replace them with more idiomatic usages.

Suitable for fluent learners - who’d like to sharpen their Welsh up further!


This looks great! :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting. I can’t justify the time to attend the course, but I’d love an mp3 version of this course!

I love picking up idioms, I find they really help boost my confidence, and can get me out of expressing something simple with an otherwise awkward sentence.


If anyone going to the SSiW 10th birthday party does have the time to spare, Ifor ap Glyn’s course is very conveniently timed for the three days beforehand! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s the link to read more and book: http://nantgwrtheyrn.org/event/sharpen-up-your-welsh-with-ifor-ap-glyn/

They say places are going fast, which wouldn’t surprise me.