Sharing a little high point

Hi All,

I went to Chapel today. Dafydd Iwan was the preacher! After the service someone introduced me: this is Liz from Australia. I shook his hand and started speaking to him. He did a double take and said: oh, you speak Welsh. I said yes (probably the wrong yes), that I was staying in an artist residency for six months and working on my writing and improving my Welsh. He said, oh, I think I heard you on the radio. I said, yes, on Sian Cothi. I was the one speaking really slow. He said: I thought you were incredible at which I thought I had died and gone to heaven. :slight_smile: Lol!

Just thought I’d share with the group of people who would understand what a wow moment that was. :smile:


Well, I’m a learner - the lousy one actually - but in our sgwrs, didn’t I tell you you speak really good? And you still “dare” to doubt?

Yah, I can imagine how you felt … you were in heaven with your feelings. Don’t ground yourself just yet, but fly on that mommentum! :slight_smile:


Wow indeed - well done Liz!

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Firstly, I can understand exactly “what a wow moment that was”. Congratulations!

Secondly, have you ever read “You Don’t Speak Welsh!” by Sandi Thomas? If not, it’s a treat in store for you. The book is named after what Dafydd Iwan said to the (Californian) author when they met before a gig. It’s out-of-print, but secondhand copies are easy to find.


Hi! Yes, I have read the Sandi Thomas book. On reflection it was a reverse situation. He clearly wasn’t expecting me to speak Welsh. So, that was fun. And then to hear the words. O, ti’n siarad Cymraeg! It felt like an affirmation. :slight_smile:


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Prowd iawn ohonot ti, Liz… :sunny:

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Diolch o waelod calon i bawb!