Shall we do an intensive Welsh fortnight near Monte Carlo?

Justin and Eirwen have made the fantastic offer for us to use their house in San Giacomo (just over the Italian border from Monte Carlo) to run an intensive Welsh fortnight (and we’ll probably be doing some Spanish/tennis stuff later on!).

So we’re floating the idea, to see if there’s enough interest for us to go ahead and arrange it.

You can see pictures and stuff over on Facebook - and the way in which we’re keeping track of interest is by noting how many likes the page gets - so if you would be interested (if the dates and costs work out), then go ahead and like the page… :sunny:

@Deborah-SSi - one for next week’s email? :sunny:

I’m delighted to see this exciting opportunity being revived. I’m not a Facebook user but I have been able to see the photos but not to “like”

Could you please, therefore, accept this as an expression of my continued enthusiasm and keep me informed via this forum, by e-mail or by PM.

If not using Facebook presents an extra organisational load to Justin, Aran and Eirwen, I’d fully understand.

Oh yes indeedy!

But maybe we can hit a half-way house here - and you can set this thread to ‘watching’ (down there, just under where the ‘star’ is) and I can promise to update in here as well as on Facebook… :sunny:

Although I must add - this is a course rather than a Bootcamp - which means a) you’re probably more advanced than would be ideal, and b) it’ll probably be a fair bit pricier, because it’s going to include a lot of one-on-one lesson time.

Perhaps we could also do a Welsh-language holiday week there at some point, which could be a bit less costly and bit more appropriate for advanced learners…?

Many thanks, Aran. having already posted a reply, I’m already tracking the thread.
Price isn’t a biggie - I’m fabulously wealthy :smile:
It may well be that the Welsh-speaking holiday would suit me better, though so you needn’t feel obliged to double up all your info just for Facebook dissenters like me. An occasional update would be appreciated, though.


I hope Catrin reminded you that it was my birthday last week. There’s a small island I’ve got my eye on…:wink:


Definitely interesting. Am not as fabulously wealthy as I might need to be though… :frowning:

I’m not a Facebook user, too, but I’m very interested, especially in the Welsh (Spanish) speaking holiday.


A Welsh Language holiday week sounds good!

Definitely interested especially with the Spanish as well.
Is the tennis compulsory? As I’d rather do grammar lessons than play sport! :smile:


Now there’s a kindred spirit :laughing:


Judging by the passion @JustinandEirwen has for the game, it might just be…:wink:

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Likewise. Not a face book user but very interested in this possibility. Please log me as an interested person.


I don’t get involved with Facebook due to nutters logging into an account…what are the projected dates? Very interested, have a working knowledge of French also


We’re going to offer some possible dates on Facebook by next week at the latest - but safe to say that we’re looking in the direction of next spring… :sunny:

This sounds very good. And an opportunity to brush up my French, too! ‘Liking’ it on Facebook didn’t work so I’ve set this thread to ‘Tracking’.


Just to let you know - I’ve just posted about how we’re going to choose dates for this:

For those of you who don’t do Facebook, it says:

'The number one request so far (on here and via private messages and the forum) has, understandably, been…


So here’s how we’re going to do it.

The nicest time would be the spring. So… I’m going to put up 4 posts suggesting 4 different start dates in April and May. ‘Like’ any of the dates that you could make - and the one with the most likes will become our fixed date… :sunny:

I know there are quite a few people on here who’d like to go sooner - and I sympathise with you! But as this is the first time we’ve done this, we want to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible.

We could, technically speaking, take a smaller group of 2 or 3 people in the autumn/winter (Justin and Eirwen want to be renovating some of their rooms between now and the spring) - so if you know someone else who’d like to go sooner/at the same time as you, message me with your idea of a fair price for us to do a one-off just for you, and I’ll see how Catrin feels about me leaving her with the kids for a fortnight…;-)’

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I’ve now got the four possible dates up on the Facebook group - I’ll come and ask for your thoughts in here if we end up finding it hard to pick a winner, but in the meantime those of you who can post on FB, please do, because it’ll be much, much easier for me to keep track on there! :sunny:

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Oh, and @Deborah-SSi email please :sunny: :thumbsup: