Sgwrs Ganol Wythnos

Hi I’ve just seen the link that Nia posted on Slack for “Sgwrs Ganol Wythnod” but it’s not listed on the timetable. Could someone advise at to what sort of lefel this chat us suitable for, please?



Hi Tony! Sgwrs Canol Wythnos takes place on the Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) Slack Workspace, rather than the SSIW 6/6 Workspace. The SSIW 6/6 workspace is for people following the SSIW courses and this is the one with the timetable of chats for the different levels. Welsh Speaking Practice is open to all Welsh speakers and learners. There is no timetable on there as its open to anyone (not just people on SSIW courses). The Sgwrs Canol Wythnos chat is open to everyone with access to Welsh Speaking Practice, and therefore to anyone/any level. Nia does the amazing job of making sure everyone feels comfortable on there and has an opportunity to take part, regardless of their confidence/ability. You will also see other chats are organised on WSP by a range of volunteers, such as Clwb Ffotograffieath, Sgwrs Garddio, etc. These are also open to anyone of any level to take part in. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!


Hi Cetra, thanks for the explanation. I will get myself organized to join in. I have really enjoyed the on-line chats I have visited so far.


Croeso Tony! There’s lot of opportunities to practice, so enjoy! :slight_smile: The more you do, the better it gets! Mustering the courage to join in is the hardest part, but as just about everyone has experienced taking the plunge themselves, my experience is that you’ll find yourself among people who are patient and understanding :slight_smile: Enjoy!


I agree, I have joined in clwb ffotograffiaeth a few times now and I have joined in one Mawrth session and I really enjoyed them. I have learned quite a few words and patterns in Cymraeg but have forgotten more than I care to admit because I don’t get to use them regularly, and these conversational sessions are invaluable in helping cement words and patterns in the part of my brain where I can get at them easily.

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I am lost with Slack. I have no link any more on the Internet. Could Nia send out a link for these courses please.


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@ursula-waldinger . They change every couple of sessions.
Unfortunately I’m on holiday next week but will e-mail you with the next Sgwrs Ganol Wythnos link :smile:

Having just signed up with Slack today, I must admit to finding it the clunkiest and confusing system I’ve ever used (compared to say Discord for example). I’m also rather disconcerted by the prospect of only being able to see 90 days of history unless paying to subscribe for it.

That is a message to the owners of the Slack Workspace, i.e. SSiW, not to individual users, and I wish Slack would make that clearer! The paid version would be extremely expensive, so there’s no way we can pay for it.

We are embarking on a revamp of the Channels in the 6/6 Support Slack workspace as it is now available to all people paying a subscription to learn with SSiW, not just those following structured courses. That makes the “Week” channels irrelevant for a lot of people, so we’re coming up with a new Channel design to cater for that. I hope it will be less confusing, but the functionality of the site is controlled by the people who provide the Slack software, and there is little we can do about that.