Sgwrs 42, 43, 44 - Advanced Content - Spoileriaid!

Here’s the thread for the trilogy of Sgyrsiau with Police and Crime Comissioner, Arfon Jones. The first one is up, in the Beca a’i Phobl section :blush:


Hi Becca

I just read the SSI email which included feedback from Neil Piper ref advanced course and completely echo his comments!

Thank you so much for these. I am on Sgwrs 21 and can’t commend these enough for helping you develop your vocabulary and, as Neil says, giving you a ‘window on Wales’. I speak to my Welsh cousin every week in Welsh and she is impressed with my progress and by the words I know. The conversations are not easy but if you stick with it (dal ati :slightly_smiling_face:) and follow the instructions you will be so rewarded! I tend to aim for one a week and find now that I can understand much more on first listen. I go for the recommended approach rather than ‘complete mastery’ (though may try that once). They are just great for improving and developing your listening and understanding and are just - well - interesting.

A word of caution - they can prove expensive :grinning:. I was so interested in the conversation with Luned Rhys Parri (Sgwrs 9) that I googled her work and ended up commissioning her to do a piece for me! Likewise I was interested in Manon Elis (Sgwrs 15) and went to her shop in Caernarfon when I was staying with my cousin near Porthmadog (I live in Norfolk). Needless to say I bought things and had a chat in Welsh :slightly_smiling_face:.

SSI is just amazing- I don’t post very often on forum or get to Hangouts but I continue do at least 1-2 hours of Welsh a day. Having completed Levels 1-3 , I go back regularly to the last exercise of each level combined with Radio Cymru, Rownd a Rownd, Advanced content plus exciting Welsh detective dramas when they are on! I have gone from scratch in August 2018 to being able to read and have conversations- amazing! I am excited to have booked onto June bootcamp as well!

Thank you! :blush:


Oh wow! That’s such a lovely post! I’m feeling quite emotional! And many thanks to @neil-pyper for his kind words - I hadn’t realised that he’d given some feedback. You’re very kind. I’m so glad that they’ve proved to be helpful - and how fantastic that you commissioned Luned! I spend far too much at Manon’s shop too - it’s such an Aladdin’s cave of loveliness and Manon is such a great person.
I hope you continue to enjoy the Advanced Content, and diolch yn fawr am y geiriau caredig!


What I really wanted was to develop my ability to listen AND understand at normal speed without trying to translate in my head. I looked at what various language people had said about this and it seemed the gold ticket to getting anywhere near this was to have material exactly as SSI have done where you have actual speech and transcripts :slightly_smiling_face:. And do Hangouts - I really will commit myself to doing these regularly - soon :flushed:!

Hurrah for SSI!


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Arfon Jones Pt. 2 is up - Sgwrs 43 in Beca a’i Phobl :blush:

Fair doos, this is a tricky one. Ive got there now although I have to concentrate even though I know in advance what Arfon will be saying :grimacing:.

As a comparison, I asked a first language (Cwmtawe) friend to listen to a couple of sentences. He agreed that you were very clear, Beca, and that Arfon was quite a challenge.

So, yes, great, thanks. This has really helped me. Now when I listen to Radio Cymru, it seems almost easy. Well sort of :grinning:.

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Yes he is a challenge, but I then so are some people you’d come across in life. Glad to hear that I’m clear though! Phew!!!

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