Sgwrs 27 (Advanced Content) Spoilersss

Hi all - an Easter sgwrs this week - get ready for Easter traditions, Easter music and a bit about Sol-fa. A challenging one in that the subject matter is quite niche and his Welsh is quite formal, but on the upside - clear and unhurried. (And I barely get to speak, which is always good news…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
Enjoy - a Pasg Hapus i bawb!


Diolch - Pasg hapus I chi hefyd


Ac i chi gyd. Beca a phawb.

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Never thought before about the link between the development of the tonic sol-fa and the rise of working men’s music like the male voice choirs and the colliery bands (which isn’t what Trystan is specifically talking about, I don’t think, but it’s all heading in that direction). Fascinating.


I’d like to hear the full version, please (the one that went on for a day and a half). Now I see why Tristan could reel off the registration number of his first ever car - the man’s a marvel! I’m looking forward to hearing how the Eisteddfod went, from his insider point of view!


Yes it’s interesting isn’t it, the making music accessible to those who haven’t been formally educated in stave music. And so ironic given the cuts to music education in schools today…

Haha! I don’t fancy transcribing a day and a half’s worth! :wink:
But yes, quite fascinating isn’t it. I will certainly do a catch up post-steddfod intv with him!

Funniest misheard words of the day (at first listen) :rofl:

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Haha! Nice typewriter though…!