On page 57 of “Gwers mewn cariad” by Beca Brown she uses the word “Sgwij” but I can’t work out what it is meant to mean, even from the context “a finnau’n un sgwij canol oed”, so a middle-aged “sgwij”

Any ideas, please?


I think it’s just ‘squidge’ spelt in Welsh, and squidge can mean a few different things in English but the most common are either ‘a squeeze’ or ‘a tiny bit’, so I’d go with the translation “and I’m one (that’s) a tiny bit middle-aged” - but the best thing would be to check with @beca-brown herself! :wink:

Thanks Siaron, that does make sense to me. I did try voicing the word out loud as that often helps. I did think about asking Beca but wasn’t sure about the accepted protocol of direct messaging.

Diolch eto, Tony

Direct messaging and tagging are both fine here - we’re here to help!

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