Senedd Committee Report

see link from Siaron below! Aran kindly set up this thread!
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I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this. Maybe @aran can redirect it, or just mention it in the right place? Pretty please, Aran?)
Anyway, I have received the Report of the Senedd Committee on Culture, Welsh Language and Communications on S4C, called Outside the Box. I have been trying to find a link, but it only seems to exist as a PDF file. If folk look on the National Assembly for Wales website, they should find it. The findings are very clear on the need to get S4C back to the funding level it had before the cuts. The committee appreciates S4C’s contribution to the health of the Welsh Language. So, anyone outside Wales feeling they can contribute little to the Million Speakers project - if they haven’t signed the petition, signing it might help. (Oh, I get a credit as a contributor to the consultation! :laughing:)


Turned it into a link for you :slight_smile:
Outside the Box: The Future of S4C - National Assembly for Wales

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Oh, diolch yn fawr, @siaronjames I may put this in a thread of its own, so it gets noticed. What do you think? If people just read the recommendations, they pretty well cover the subject!

Might be an idea to add it to one of the S4C threads already going since it is a kind of ‘update’ on things we’ve been discussing on them.

Well, @aran has answered our dilemma by starting this thread!
Folks, the link shows that the committee has a number of conclusions/recommendations so that S 4C can help to keep Cymraeg alive and encourage learning! Decent funding is up there as an aim!
@siaronjames Aran has taken this out of Million speakers project. I see why. But I do hope folk will try to get TV working on the task!
@aran Please can you edit the title to ‘Senedd Committee Report on S4C’? As is, nobody will ever read it!