Self service till in Welsh in England

Nice surprise today when I paid for a bottle of wine in M&S Gloucester. Cymraeg appears in the list of languages. Very easy to understand.


Superb :slight_smile:

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I cannot help wondering whether this is because of Gloucester’s proximity to the Border, or just M&S policy - by accident or design.

I now want to test this at M&S stores in Greater Manchester, to see if it is here, too…


I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply used the same system UK-wide, rather than going to the effort of making separate ones for Wales.

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Driving towards Wales along the A40 I sometimes spot the odd rogue Welsh thing - some bilingual road works signs last time :slight_smile: Will check next time I’m in M&S to see if we have the Welsh option here in Oxfordshire too.

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Yes, there are a couple of Welsh traffic management (cone putter-outer) companies that also cover a fair slice of England now.

On the other hand, here is a Scottish Gaelic sign that appeared in the Coryton Cardiff Asda Carpark


I suspect that it is nationwide but it just made me smile because the welsh language has taken a back seat for many years

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I wonder whether that was the result of someone at Asda saying, “Hey, Joe! Get me one of those bilingual signs, will you?”


There are two banks in Oswestry with Welsh and English menus on the cashpoint machines (Barclays and HSBC). I make a point of using 'em.


Wouldn’t be great if people started using the Welsh option in tills all over England. Nice surprise for the private businesses who think ‘no one’ uses the language.


I use the Welsh option in my library in Dulwich in London and, although I haven’t been there for a few months, I also used Welsh in a McDonalds on the Old Kent Road.


I can confirm that M&S offer Welsh across most parts of England I’ve checked too.

The same is also true of McDonalds if you go to the self-serve tills.

Unfortunately, I’ve found: WH Smith and Tesco do not. Only offering the Welsh option in Wales. :frowning:


I’ll have to check out Canada Water library and see if they have a welsh option.

I have used the Welsh option at Surrey Quays but I notice they have changed the machines in my local one so may have changed the software too.

I have checked the machines at John Harvard and Canada Water and the languages that can be used are English, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. I don’t remember it ever saying Welsh but I tend to only notice what I need to see.

Found my most recent ticket from a couple of months ago so Welsh was an option. I will be going back soon so will check again.


Do you know whether the welsh option was among the languages on the first screen or if you had to look for it elsewhere.
I spoke to the woman who runs our book group at John Harvard and she said it might have to be chosen from a different menu but we didn’t have time to explore.

Welsh isn’t on the first screen but the other languages as well as the arrow to the ones not shown are all on the front screen. I have said this before here but it’s very odd because the Spanish choice is a button called ‘Espanol’ whereas the Welsh choice is ‘Welsh’ rather than Cymraeg. The attached pic was from the new library in Grove Vale so I am sure all sites have the same technology. Good on Southwark I say. ! I use Lambeth libraries too and they only have English. Library%20Southwark|666x500

The pic disappeared for some reason on my PC so, just in case, here it is again.