Self-organising: the teams we need to build

As all this starts to move from scoping to idea generation to implementation, I’m expecting that we’ll want to see a lot of small teams forming for particular pieces of work.

What do we think are the first teams that it would be worth forming?

I’m thinking that we would set up a thread per team, and that anyone can join any team they feel they can contribute to…:slight_smile:

For starters, how about:

  • A ‘Project Structures’ team (so basically the stuff I’ve been doing off the top of my head so far)

  • Several ‘Ideas’ teams, per area - so one for the ‘how to get more people using their Welsh’ thread, etc etc - everybody’s sort of part of all of these at the moment, but over time having smaller groups that carry on thinking about particular areas, and meet online/IRL to talk about them, would be very powerful

  • Several ‘Implementation’ teams, per up-voted idea

  • Story teams, to collect/write/share stories about the project and the people involved

  • Press teams, to talk to media

… anything else? :slight_smile:

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Is it worth having regional teams? Broad like South-west, South East, Central, North West and North East?


I could imagine that having potential. Or even town by town…?


Cardiff usuay gets divided into 4 for this sort of thing. Possibly not immediately but could be necessary further down the line. I think if we have a potential framework for this, when it’s necessary it could be more seamless.


I think a mixture of local and topical group sounds right. Largeish “local” groups maybe to start with that might become more local as numbers increase?


As an aside I’ve been playing with on and off for prioritising bigger projects or shared decision making.

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Thoughts so far?

I like it specifically for overcoming the “oh lord we’ve got dozens of ideas where in the world do we start?” and the “we’ll never get everyone to agree on a small enough number of steps to actually get sufficient critical mass on any of them”

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That sounds promising. Do you think it would be worth a test run for the Million Speakers Project?

Yes I think so. Shall I have a go picking one topi and putting the idea up there to use to try and pick some priorities to start on?

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Fab. Amdani! :star: :dizzy:

Well I’m possibly a touch late to the party and I’m still reading through everything, but I’m getting the idea of the direction of travel so I’ll be able to pitch in somehow if needed!

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