Seiclo a Siarad - Caerdydd. (Cardiff Cycling)

Shwmae, I wondered if there were any other people interested in a cycling and chat meet up in Cardiff. I am a volunteer bike ride leader with British Cycling (Breeze/Guided Rides) and I also teach adult learn to ride at Cardiff Pedal Power. I am also slowly working my way through SSIW and always need to practice so I have created a bike ride to help! I have found a welsh speaking friend to help so you won’t be stuck just with my limited conversation. It will be a short and easy cycle ride and if you are not a cyclist at all you could join us at the end just for the chat. I plan to start and finish at the Secret Garden Cafe in Bute Park - 11am start, so we should be back at the cafe for 12noon. This Sunday 23rd May - I’d like to do more, but my weekends are pretty busy, but would be interested to know if others are interested and what days might suit…

Sorry I’m not very good with the forum either so let me know if other places I should put this!


Great idea Hilary - I hope you get some pedal-pals!
Right here is a perfect place to post it, and you could also put it in the ‘cadw-heini’ group on Slack :slight_smile:

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I’ll give this a plug in the weekly email, this week @hilary-may! :slight_smile:

Thank you - I don’t think I’ve signed up for these weekly emails - how do I do that? I haven’t been very good at doing anything other than working through the challenges (slowly) so far.

Sorry @hilary-may, just seen this. If you go to FAQ at the top and scroll down, you’ll find where you can subscribe to the weekly email newsletter. I’m just writing this week’s so I’ll mention that you have another ride on.

I’ve copied the details here from your Slack post:

For any women in Cardiff - I’ve organised another seiclo a siarad Caerdydd. Women only this time (due to available welsh speaking helpers). 3pm Saturday - free, gentle cycle ride with a chance to chat yn Cymraeg (which I really need!) I haven’t got my head around slack so if there is a better place to post let me know :slightly_smiling_face: If you can cycle but don’t have a bike - there’s Next Bikes in Cardiff or we’re starting just near Pedal Power (who even hire trikes!).

Thank you - and I’ve found the sign up for the email. One day I will properly get my head around the forum and slack (or maybe not!)

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If you have anything to announce, feel free to tag me here - just put @ before my forum name and I’ll get a notification :slight_smile: