School or THE School?

Was trying some practice on Duolingo and kept getting a sentence wrong. The sentence was “You have gone to school early” and it was to be translated in Welsh. I put in “Rwyt ti wedi mynd i ysgol yn gynnar” but it kept firing back that it was wrong. It wanted “i’r ysgol” instead.

Does the same principle apply when talking about going to school as it does to a workplace? “Mynd i’r gwaith” etc?

by and large, yes. mynd i’r gwely, i’r ysbyty :slightly_smiling_face:

Ac, i’r eglwys.

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I think that if you don’t put the “the” in, then you’re talking about “a school”, “an office” etc which has a different meaning…

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It’s English that’s inconsistent here. Or to be more precise, in English if it’s a habitual action, then you go “to school”, “to work”, “to church”. Also, for some reason, you go “to hospital” for treatment. But in Welsh you always have to include the “the”.


Thanks for your help all, for clearing that up :smile:

I’ll get used to it in time, at that I am confident :slight_smile: