SaysomethinginDutch main lesson 8

Hello Everyone,

Is there any lesson 8 or onwards in (Main Lesson) Say Something in Dutch?

Hi Kabir - no, I’m afraid not - but the good news is that we’re quietly confident that we’ll have a lot of new stuff coming out (in Dutch, and several other languages) in the new year - certainly by the spring there should be more stuff, and a more regular publishing schedule… :sunny:

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Many thanks for the reply Aran. Definitely will look forward for new stuff here. One more thing I would like to advice (If you’re admin here) that if you can enable chatting facility on this website for the same language learner then this method can further help in learning languages quickly.

We’re very keen to build extra functionality into the website - at the moment, all our development time is going into our new course creation tool (and we only have one full-time developer!) - so although things like the ability to arrange practice sessions is very much on our list, I’m afraid it’s not likely in the next few months. We’ll get there eventually, though… :sunny:

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@kabir_choudhary_9 I am positive here are more Dutch learners then just you so it might be worth to try to find someone to chat via Skype on here.

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Thanks again for the reply @aran. Really excited to see the practice session.

@tatjana, I also think so and searching for some partners, just in case if you find one. please let me know :blush:

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@louis any chance to come to an aid here until @kabir_choudhary_9 finds someone else?

[size=9](Well, just a thought though.)[/size]


Happy to arrange a Skype chat - it will have to be 2nd-3rd week of January, because it’s pretty hectic here with family staying, weddings, Christmas and New Year - and moving house…
@kabir_choudhary_9, is that OK with you? If you PM your Skype details, we’ll arrange something


Thanks for the reply @louis. Of course no problem at all. I will look forward for the skype chat, will PM you skype details now.