Hi hope this works,my recording of 10 sentences for week 11. I have also downloaded sound cloud to work out how to send posts.Hope thats clear diolch.

I’ll tag @Novem because he won’t necessarily see any posts that aren’t in the badges thread (but the ones you’ve already posted in are fine.
(He only updates the badges once a week, usually on a Monday, so don’t think you’ve been missed out.)

Da iawn ,Diolch yn fwr.

Diolch, thanks for your reply.

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Note that you don’t need to use SoundCloud at all any more. We have our own in-built recording tool that comes with the email for the weeks that you need to record anything.

Da iawn ,thanks for that.

Shwmae, I have booked a session 1-1 for tomorrow. Can you confirm this ?

Shwmae @peterluke60, I have you down for a 1:1 at 19:00 UK time today, Thursday :slight_smile:

Diolch , that should be 330am Darwin time.

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