Saysomethingin welsh audio

I was learning lesson 1, when I must of clicked that I finished it, so how can i get it back,
I also have a question, can you tell me how i can download saysomethinginwelsh onto my iPhone into a playlist.

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There’s an iOS app specifically for say something in welsh. Other than that, there’s some jiggery pokery you can do with iPlayer to download the mp3s onto a PC and transfer them to your iPhone.


Hi George, and thanks for bringing this to the forum… :slight_smile:

Do you know if you were using the app, or using your phone’s browser to come straight to the website?

And if the app, which one (old or new)?

(Old one has an icon with a black background with “SAY” in big letters, new one has an icon with a white background and a red Dragon saying “Welsh” in a green speech bubble.)

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