Saying yes

Hi peeps I have had my 5 year granddaughter staying this weekend she is In a Welsh class in poets and I have noticed she says yndi or ydi to everything you ask her question like you going home tomorrow she says ydi and not yndw is this the new way of learning students in year 1 or is she correct saying ydi and I am wrong saying yndw ?

Hmm … I always say ydi or ie though. Yndw sounds kind of strange to me. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with “yndw” for “Yes I am” - although I’m studying Southern, so I would use “ydw” for “Yes I am” and “ydy” for “Yes he/she/it is”. :slight_smile: Can’t speak to what the kids are learning, since I don’t live in Wales…

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I’m pretty sure yndw is what is taught on the northern course, but when I did the southern-based ou module they used ydw.

This is true. I cannot be sure what is taught to young kids. It may be all the rage to use yndy instead of yndw just now… oh, you are saying she says yndy or ydy, so no preference for north (yndy) oy south (ydy). I suspect fashion among her age group to be like the Saes and use the 3rd person version for everything!

That sounds like a common child ‘mistake’ - they worry much less than adult learners about things like ‘the technically correct way to say yes’… :slight_smile:

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Oh, I knew it! I’m still a (big) child! YES!

I always say ydi for who knows what reason, probably because I just want to say quick yes without worrying which person it is. Or maybe because in Slovene it’s one and only yes for all genders and number of persons. :slight_smile: