Say Something in Welsh?

I saw the most amazing Starling Cloud today near Cwmduad, Sir Caerfyrddin this evening. three other cars had stopped to admire it. Everyone was commenting in English, until a ladies’ dog wandered off, it was called back in Welsh. Then the other man commented in Welsh, then I said somethign in Welsh. Maybe there was a tiny hint of something in the air (apart from the thousands and thousands of Starlings) as we awaited the final person to speak, were we all Welsh speakers? could we random group of starling admiring strangers make that switch to Cymraeg? The final person made a comment in English, [Drat!] so back to English we all went. This must happen so often.


How lovely ! I am not far from Cwmduad, and often see huge flocks of starlings flying overhead as they head to wherever it is they go, as it gets dusky. Small groups often stop in one of the fields, and the noise when they all take off again is quite amazing.


There was a decent size flock that used to swoop and swirl in the sky then come soaring in to roost in some tall trees not far from the house in Llandysul. My parents were staying with me one summer and were entranced watching them night after night. Sadly, for some reason, they decided to move on and they haven’t been back since. I do miss them!

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Small groups?! They filled the entire field and still the sky was full. Huge roars as they took off, it was amazing! They seem to be roosting in a patch of woodland, it looks like a Christmas tree farm, but I doubt that Starlings would pick Christmas Trees to roost in, so I suspect there are other trees further in.

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That’s how it works with starlings. They eventually make an area uninhabitable through their sheer numbers and they have to find a new roost. Unless the area is naturally cleaned, that is - Aberystwyth pier being probably the most famous example.