Say Something in Welsh versus the WLPAN course?

Purely out of curiousity,

I was wondering if it is possible to compare the skill level of the SSIW advanced course here versus the WLPAN courses you see in Welsh learning centres.

For example, is the third course here…say…the equivalent of the Canolradd/ intermediate course in the learning centres or possibly even the advanced level over there.

I realise they are not comparable like for like, but it intrigues me if they can roughly be compared in any way.

Diolch ymlaen llaw

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At the risk of coming across too strong, I think comparing the levels doesn’t help that much. I’ve come across people who’ve done nothing but SSIW, others who’ve done a mix of SSIW and or just formal classes and find that when it comes to actually putting the language to use it’s a really mixed bag.
The difference between canolradd and uwch in the curriculum for adults isn’t huge and oh boy does the curriculum like to repeat itself over and over again. To my mind unless people top up whatever course they are doing with something else - be it gigs, novels, walks, theatre, choir, talking to native speakers, residentials, podcasts, listening so often to Radio Cymru you know what time it is by who is talking; their progress is likely to be less than stellar and it shows.
Ulpanim in Israel get their results from making people speak the target language each and every day. There’s no question that the pace and expectations with Wlpan and are a long way from that.


Having learnt with SSiW and done Dysgu Cymraeg (Canolradd, Uwch, Gloywi) I would say that it’s virtually impossible to compare them as they focus on different things.

SSiW strongly focuses on giving you conversational, spoken Welsh ability, while Dysgu Cymraeg tries for everything - grammar knowledge, reading and writing, extensive vocabulary, and some conversational skill.

Broadly speaking, what I found when I attended Sadwrn Siarad or weekend sessions in the months I took off between Canolradd and Uwch was that people who had learnt with SSiW were streets ahead in their confidence using spoken Welsh but the Dysgu Cymraeg learners knew more grammar and vocabulary.

People using a combination of both get the best of both worlds :slight_smile: