'Say Something In' website been down for a few days?

I noticed the when I go to www.saysomethingin.com, it just comes up with a page that says ’ Sorry! We’re currently doing some essential maintenance on SaySomethingin.com…We’ll be back shortly!’.

It’s been like this for a few days - is everything ok? The links to the forums still work ok, though.

I’m not finding any problem at all. I’ve tried logged in and not logged in and they’re both working OK for me.

Hmm, odd. It works ok on my tablet, but when I try it in Google chrome on my laptop, I get that message. I just tried it with another browser (Firefox) on my laptop and it works fine. Could be some sort of technical issue, I don’t know?

I tried it in Chrome here on my laptop choosing both Welsh and Spanish as a non-logged-in person, and they both worked fine. Could it be something in your Chrome cache?

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Yes most likely - I just tried logging out of of the forum and then going to the home page. It now works!