Say Something in "Nasty" Welsh? :D

Hahaha, did anyone watch “O’r Diwedd” on S4C last night?

36ish minutes in - they use an app which might be familiar to some of us around these parts…


When I first glanced at the thread title just now, I thought it said “Say Something Nasty in Welsh”, and was wondering if someone out there had had ‘gormod i yfed’ over the festive period…:slight_smile:


That worked well, I thought… :slight_smile:

[Fair play, they asked in advance if it would be okay to use the logo…:)]

It’s on 37 minutes in, on Nicky’s link… :slight_smile:


Nanana … “Nasty Welsh” isn’t permited to us - outsiders … Maybe S4C fears we might learn something wrong … :smile:

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Hilarious :smile: @aran have you been developing another course without telling us?


Oh thank you for sharing, that was hilarious. Brilliant.

Just watched it and the CZ-J spoof before. I’ve been told there’s not really any Welsh swear-words and I have to say I found the two characters right at the start of the programme hilarious - especially her when she just said ‘bloody hell’ - it just reinforced the assertion that there are no swear-words in Welsh. Wish I’d understood more of the SSIW bit, but even at my level, it did seem pretty funny. Will have to try to watch more S4C catch-up. Thanks for sharing @Nicky

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Watch it with the English subtitles on - the vocabulary they use doesn’t appear in any of the courses I’ve done (yet)! :wink: I also thought that the sketch at the end about avoiding ‘language spats’ was very funny. Must try it out in Caffi Alys some time.


I honestly wonder what intelectual rights prevents this thingy to be on International???

Sounds fascinating; wish we could see it over here…


The programme has now been repeated. Might that mean it becomes available to S4C International? look for O’r Diwedd 2017:Am flwyddyn! If still no luck, send them a ‘why not?’ question!

Music. It’s generally music.


Oh, boy … music among all things … and I like the music the most. Ayayay … :frowning:


Finally watched this, so so funny!!

In light of our twitter convo cofia…rhedeg, cuddio, dweud…