Say Shwmae/Su'mae with SSiW

To mark Diwrnod Shwmae/Su’mae and give SSiWers around the globe a chance to join in, we’ll open up our SaySomethingin Zoom site from 6am BST (GMT+1) to 11pm.

Anyone can pop in and say “Shwmae” or “Su’mae” or any other Welsh greeting you like using the link below. We can’t promise there will always be a SSiW staff member there, but the Zoom link will remain open so you’ll be able to greet and chat with each other.

Here’s the link:

It should allow you to join without having to be given permission to enter.

It would be great if some of you living in other parts of the world, and different time zones, could volunteer to be there at certain times convenient for you so that others in your area will definitely have someone to talk to. There is a Doodle Poll for the day, so if you’re willing to put yourself down for a period of time, that would be great. We’ll have an idea of when we can take a break … to eat for example! :grin:

Here’s the link for the Doodle Poll:

Hopefully it will show the times in your own regional time zone, but if not, I’ve created it in BST (GMT+1).

Note there is also the regular Noson Lawen on that night, so while the link will remain open, and I’ll keep an eye on it, a mass exodus to join the Noson Lawen is totally appropriate :smile:


Ooh, diolch yn fawr iawn to the person who has put their name down so that I can have breakfast! :heart_eyes:


Nia has organised some special guests who will be joining us at different times of the day. These times are all BST (GMT+1)

11:00 to chat about Duolingo with Verena
13:00 to chat about TV dramas with Rhiannon
18:00 to chat about books with Lois Arnold

There will also be a quiz at 14:30 led by Nia (EDIT: time changed to 14:00)


and 9:00 to chat about gardening with Cetra :slightly_smiling_face::sunflower: Everyone welcome! :slight_smile:

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Any chance of a crib sheet of up to 10 words per topic due to be discussed during the day tomorrow? @Cetra. I have forgotten much, and don’t even think I know garden!!!

Crumbs! You really don’t need this @sue-21… ! :slightly_smiling_face: We (or possibly just I?! :rofl:) generally just blather on about gardens in a very informal manner, and often stray off into all sorts of other topics too!! It really won’t matter what level your Welsh is at or what words you know or don’t know - its more important just to come along, have a listen, have a go and have some fun! :slight_smile: All levels welcome!! But if you must… here’s some useful gardening vocab. :slight_smile: Betcha we won’t mention half of these, so there’s no need to learn specially!Geirfa Garddio 3.pdf (219.2 KB)

Diolch. Believe me, for those whose gardening vocab / knowledge even in English is, let’s say limited, any help gratefully received.
Out of interest, those words ending in …u: will they be the verb or the implement?
Gwely bloddau is however now forever stuck in my brain - . Can’t wait to say a sentence with that in. See you at 9pm… x

I’m about to start the Zoom for the Say Shwmae/Su’mae with SSiW day.
And the link is:

If it asks for a Passcode it’s 851543

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The pictures are the clue @sue-21 :slight_smile: Its nouns in the first list, and verbs in the second :slight_smile:
Promise you won’t test me?! :rofl:

We’re underway and more great sessions have been lined up by Nia!! :slight_smile:

These are things to watch out for if you’d like to join…

9 pm - gardening & wildlife with Cetra
11 pm - discussing Duolingo with Verena
13:00 pm - chat about drama and TV with actress Rhiannon
14:00 pm - quiz and games with Jenny & Nia
18:00 pm - chat about books with LOIS ARNOLD ! ( author of welsh books for learners)
19:00 pm - Join the Noson Lawen evening

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Gardening - 9 am or pm…? NOW? On my way soon…

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Now - Cetra is here :slight_smile:

We’re just about to have a quiz! Anyone else coming in to take part?

Diolch Deborah am yr ystafell Gymreig agored ddoe . Roedd yn brofiad gwych gwybod bod rhywun yno bob amser i siarad Cymraeg pan ges i amser rhydd. Ti’n haeddu gorffwys hir nawr :sleeping:

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Diolch SSiW for holding the all day chat, plus the singing group. I enjoyed both.
Sut mae o’r Jen yn United States.
I made a video for Shwmae Day, am sorry I am late posting it. Instagram took forever to upload it. :frowning:

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Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb naeth cymryd rhan yn Say Shwmae/Su’mae with SSiW ddoe! O’n, o’n i wedi blino’n racs erbyn y diwedd ond nes i joio mas draw hefyd. Doedd dim moment yn ystod y diwrnod pan nag oedd neb yn y stafell Zoom i siarad gyda fi! Hollol anhygoel!

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in Say Shwmae/Su’mae with SSiW yesterday! Yes, I was wiped out by the end, but I really enjoyed it as well. There wasn’t a single moment during the day when there wasn’t someone in the Zoom room to talk to! Absolutely amazing!