Sawl as a statement

Prynhawn da, can I use sawl in a statement as well as a question,
I asked a question this morning "sawl o bobl? But I left off the question mark (always do lol oops) and one of our group asked can sawl o bobl be used as a statement?

In a question (how many…?), you can use sawl but it’s not followed by an o and is always used with a singular noun (sawl person…?), or you can use faint which is followed by an o and a plural noun (faint o bobol…?) e.g. How many people are here = Sawl person sy 'ma / Faint o bobol sy 'ma.
But if the question is “How much…?”, you can only use faint o. e.g. How much bread is in the cupboard? = Faint o fara sy yn y cwpwrdd?

You can use sawl in a statement, but in a statement it means “several” or “a number of” (and again it’s always followed by a singular noun, never a plural) e.g. mae gen ti sawl peth i neud fory - you’ve got a number of things to do tomorrow.