Saving S4C

I was living in Australia when they decided to start advertising and I wrote and expressed my disappointment at the time. Just like with S4C I would have been prepared to pay a direct fee to help fund the channel but it wasn’t an option.

Do you know if this site is accessible outside Britain? I can’t use it if it is not.
I would suggest the wording:
To the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport:
We, the undersigned are all learning or have learned the Welsh language. We all live outside Wales, so are not counted in the audience figures for S4C, which we all want to watch. Some of us have real trouble doing that and are willing to pay a fee! We have heard there is a threat to reduce the channel’s budget, despite it already having been cut by 30%
Please Minister, this is an ancient language, This is the only TV channel in the world which uses it.You value old buildings and history, why not this beautiful language which the ancestors of many in England, Scotland and Ireland spoke, as well as many in the Commonwealth. Surely you do not want to cut the funds to an unsustainable level? After all, it was a Conservative Prime Minister, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, who agreed to the setting up of S4C.

i Phawb - Comments welcome. To @aran could this go in the newsletter?


Here’s your answer @henddraig

I’ve just choosed one random petition on that site @aran suggested and the result is as follows. So this is not the international option. Maybe is more international though but I don’t quite know, despite I’m a member, if such petitions can go there too.

However I believe there’s one site which can hold whatever petitions created by whoever but I never created one. You can in addition also set twibbon - this is a little mark you put across your profile photo on twitter or Facebook and I believe Facebook has petition app too.

Now the choice is yours, I’d only sign the petition (fi it’s meant to be signed by us not living in UK and not having any real connections to Cymru besides learning a language).

Thank’s a million Tatjana fach!! I am not on facebook or twitter and am loth to pick anything which may require ‘joining’. I’ll try the petition site.
How are you with my suggested wording?
p.s. I must log off now, back tomorrow!!

As I’ve said already, wording seams fine to me. And, I’ve altered upper link since I’ve noticed earlier that that one I’ve written previously had expired already and doesn’t exist anymore so the new link is :slight_smile:

I’m sure Dee could put a link in once it’s live… :sunny:


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There’s a need to act swiftly I believe …

To read this in English, click on the ‘hamburger’ (three horizontal lines) at top right of screen and the select English from options on the left!

I have looked at and think that will do fine, as the list of possible countries from which people can join a petition includes Slovenia and Burundi. It doesn’t separate the UK up, of course, but we can’t expect miracles!! I will spend a little time setting it up and will then try to post a link here!! If I mess that up I’ll ask for help!!
p.s. I will try to make it clear that this petition is for folk outside Wales, but I can’t control who signs it!! If someone wants to set up one for people in Wales, fine!!
Damn!! It’s a facebook thing and I don’t want to join. I’ll try @tatjana’s link!

@tatjana I will have to enroll myself to use your site .

Can anyone advise me whether it is better to be forced into facebook or this other site??? I will do neither until I get advice!!!
I found the very easy to use and the other site a bt complex, so I suppose I’d pick the gochange for preference!

I’d go with just signing up for the site, personally. You can always unsubscribe from the emails if you don’t want to get them.

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Sorry, Karla, I know I’m being thick, but do you mean facebook or the other one? Is facebook OK in Russia?

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It’s fine, you’re not being thick. I meant the other site, not Facebook… And I don’t live in Russia, so I wouldn’t know about that…ask @stella about that one. :smile:

Sorry, put that down to a senior moment!!!

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That’s ok! I suppose my name can be a little misleading - it has a bit of an East European ring to it! :smile:

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Oh dear, I’m hopeless. I signed in and got to the stage of putting in the wording and found my ‘paste’ didn’t work, probably because I clicked on ‘copy’ by mistake!! I’m going to ahve to try later!!

Hopefully, the petition is now set up at

I’m sorry UK residents will have to put County, Country in one box as the site doesn’t recognise Scotland, England or Northern Ireland!
I hope you won’t have to ‘join’, but I did!!
please @aran and @Deborah-SSi can this get publicised???

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Facebook’s OK in Russia:) i and all my friends use it, so if it’s necessary to spread something there you can count on me.
And Karla does have a Russian ring to it, we even have a tongue-twister about a Karla:)

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Here you go @henddraig

And here’s one more with Russian sound of the name - me :slight_smile:

I’ll spread the word on every social media I’m member of.

You did superb work @henddraig.

Da iawn ti!